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The chapter is able to send email blasts to members and supporters on the chapter email list. However this list can be highly sensitive, and if over-used may lead to all emails being flagged by service providers as "promotions" or "spam", or lead to high rates of un-subscriptions. We also have emails that go out on a regular basis, such as the Weekly Update and reminders about General Body meetings that must be weighed against addition email requests. For this reason not all requests are approved. Furthermore, email requests must be made 72 hours in advance.

Before submitting a request, we strongly encourage you to consider the following: 

  • Add your event/update to the Weekly Update. The Update goes out to the entire email list every Friday and has the highest engagement rate of anything we publish as a chapter (including emails, social media, press releases, etc). You can submit to the update by going to #publications on the chapter Slack.
  • Fine tune your list. The smaller your target list of people you want to reach, the easier it will be to approve. We have many options for how we can focus your list, such as members vs. supporters, members who have expressed interest in a specific issue or campaign (such as housing justice, labor, etc), or those who attended specific events within a specific period of time. If your list includes less than 500 people, we can approve your request much easier.

If you have questions, or would like assistance in fine tuning your request before submitting, please feel free to visit the #helpdesk channel on the chapter slack. For more information on how emails work via Action Network, watch the tutorial.

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