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Caucus Registration

MDC DSA Bylaws - Section 10 - Caucuses

Members may self-organize into temporary or permanent caucuses according to shared interests, affinities, and/or political goals.

  1. Definitions. All members shall have the right to form a caucus. Caucuses are independent formations of members within the Chapter established on the basis of shared interests, affinities, and/or political goals. The objectives of a caucus may include – but are not limited to – advocating for the election of its members to leading bodies, for specific campaigns or initiatives for the GBM to take up, or for a redress of grievances. Caucuses shall have the right to determine their own membership.
  2. Formal Recognition. A caucus may choose whether or not they would like formal recognition. To gain formal status, a caucus shall submit a mission statement that includes the name and purpose of the caucus, as well as any restrictions on eligibility for membership in the Caucus, signed by no less than five members in good standing. The Secretary will be responsible for confirming the membership status of all signatories, and notifying the Steering Committee of recognition.
  3. Access to Communications for Recognized Caucuses. Formal recognition guarantees that the caucus shall be listed on the Metro DC DSA website, along with their name, vision statement, and a point of contact. Recognized caucuses shall have the right to publish statements and proposals in public forums for the Local, subject to the moderation of the moderation team of that forum.
  4. Structure and Relationships with Other Caucuses. The right for a caucus of the Local to establish formal or informal relationships with other caucuses composed of DSA Local or National members shall not be infringed or regulated by the Steering Committee. Caucuses shall have the right to determine their own internal structure, except where it is in violation of any bylaws or policies regarding member conduct.

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