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Funding Request

Please request and provide info the info below in advance if possible before making a purchase that you wish to have funding for.

Please be aware that reimbursements are not guaranteed and it is preferable to approach the treasurer in advance with an estimate of what you wish to spend to avoid any issues.

  • All requests must have a receipt as proof and there is a 30 day deadline from date on the receipt.
  • For amounts up to $75, the chapter Treasurer may approve.
  • For amounts between $76 and $200 the Steering Committee is required to vote on approval.
  • For amounts over $200 it must be voted on at the General Body Meeting.
  • Reimbursement that is not approved in advance is not guaranteed. The treasurer, steering committee, and the GBM may deny your request. If spending a significant amount please attempt to get approval in advance.

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