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Metro DC DSA Basics
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Hey comrade,
So, you've joined Metro DC DSA (MDC DSA)... yay! That's fantastic. Here's some information you need to know to get started.

  1. Metro DC DSA adheres to Robert's Rules of Order for its debate, discussion, and meetings. We use a slightly modified version that incorporates progressive stack and a few other tweaks. Robert's Rules may seem confusing, but they're actually pretty straightforward. Please take a few minutes to learn the basics. You can find our official guide here, as well as a more thorough guide here.
  2. Get on Slack! Slack is our chapter's chat platform, and it's where most things happen. You should have received an invitation link in your welcome email when you joined. If you can't find it, please email and we'll get you sorted.
  3. In addition to all of our events (and the many working meetings for each of our committees, working groups, and campaigns), we hold a monthly General Body Meeting (GBM). This is where we try to connect with the whole chapter, and it's also where we vote on lots of important stuff. Meetings are held the second Sunday of each month unless there's a conflict with a major holiday or event. You can find the GBMs-- and all our other events-- on our Facebook and Meetup pages.
  4. You can find records of most chapter-related things-- past GBM presentations, meeting agendas, resolutions, etc.-- in our website's Historical Data section.
  5. If you have any questions-- about the chapter, your membership, whatever-- check out the #helpdesk channel in Slack, or send an email to
We're really glad you've joined DSA! Whatever your interests, we know you'll find a way to help us build a better and more equitable future... and if you don't find it, start it! Check out the #new-campaigns Slack channel to connect with members and start new campaigns.

Welcome to Metro DC DSA.

- In Solidarity,
The Metro DC DSA Welcoming Crew

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