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Tips for requesting things
Last Updated 4 months ago

Tickets are important for records and accountability, but please also note your request on #helpdesk in slack if it is time-sensitive, as this gives the widest visibility to your request.

Please fill out the form as completely as possible. If your request is missing vital information, we'll respond via the ticket or reach out to you for those details; this back-and forth will delay fulfillment of your request.

Please submit requests with sufficient lead time. Requests submitted at the last minute before a deadline will most likely not be fulfilled.

See this other article for explanation of the "help topics", which are the types of requests red desk is configured to handle. The help topic determines who receives your request, and what information you will be prompted to enter. If you're still not sure which topic to use, you can ask in #helpdesk on slack, send an email to, or open a Support / General Inquiry ticket.

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